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Waking up this morning with
Nothing but thoughts of lyrics
I have in the depth of my soul…
Im taking deep breathes of this spiritual
Thinking that has me thinking
Of who will be the last person
Standing beside me
Through my growth and prosperity…
Keeping in mind the ones who
Don't believe in me…
While Im seeking peace of mind…

Speaking of peace of mind…

I don't even know how
I can start to talk about
The Mistranslated misconceptions
Of my thoughts….
I want to express my point of views
Cause I just wanna express
My points to you
Being that your eyes are
My audience…

I know your staring at me with
Suspense cause right now its like Im
Not making sense but
In all actuality that is my
Mistranslation of YOUR misconstrued…

Lewd conduct expressed through my pen..
Aggravations read in the lines on my paper…
My alias is FRSTLADY but nobody
knows Im a super hero….they call me
the hard times in my life is my kryptonite…
I only survive through CHRIST…. That
Strengthens me …. And I believe my day is coming…
Where I will rise above the madness and
Ball up all my misery…
eat it….
And bleed it through my pen….

Written by Frstladylsm

Frstladylsm Poets Page